The Illinois Solar Battery Rebate

The Illinois Solar Battery Rebate Updated December 14, 2022 What is the Illinois Solar Battery Storage Rebate? Thanks to the Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, any home or business located within Ameren Illinois or ComEd utility service territory can take advantage of solar battery storage rebates. These rebates can significantly reduce the cost of […]

Inflation Reduction Act and Solar

In August, 2022, President Joe Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act, laying the foundation for future growth of solar energy in the United States. The new law helps transition American homes, businesses and governments to clean energy generation with several incentives directed toward solar energy.   30% Federal Investment Tax Credit Most significantly, […]

3 Reasons Farms & Small Businesses Should Consider USDA REAP Grants When Going Solar

3 Reasons Farms & Small Businesses Should Consider USDA REAP Grants When Going Solar Updated June 7, 2023 Solar just became more affordable for farmers and rural small businesses. Recently, the funding for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) was increased! This translates to the opportunity for even more […]

4 Ways Solar Energy Protects Against Rising Electricity Bills

4 Ways Solar Energy Protects Against Rising Electricity Bills Ameren Illinois recently announced that the average residential customer will see a $626 annual increase in electricity costs on the power supply side of the bill or an average of $52 or more per month (approximately 40% increase) throughout the year. The price increase will occur […]

Prepare Today for the Net Zero Office Building: Here’s how

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This article was originally published by the St. Louis Business Journal and written by one of our Senior Project Developers, Dan Hancock June 21, 2021.   Now that employees are returning to the office, facilities managers are getting reacquainted with the energy bills that come with a full house. Now is the time to consider […]

What is a Solar Group Purchasing Program?


Going solar for your home has great benefits – from stimulating your local economy, to providing a cleaner environment to your larger community. But what if there was a way for your community to all go solar together?  For communities in the Midwest, there is a way, with Grow Solar and other group purchasing programs! […]

Join Us – May 2020 Commercial Webinar Series!

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We know that businesses, non-profits, churches, and governmental entities have been hit hard by COVID-19. As we all try to rebound from the pandemic, leaders will be making choices to create stable financial environments for their businesses and organizations. Investing in solar could help you meet these goals. Dan Hancock,  Senior Project Developer for StraightUp […]

These Little Piggies Went Solar

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Pork producers across Illinois are investing in solar technology. Why? Solar generation matches very well with hog production systems.  In the summer, such systems need many fans ventilating the hog buildings and at the same time there are more hours of sun in the day and solar technology produces more energy.  Solar technology enables hog […]

Farmers Harvest the Sun for Lower Energy Costs


Farmers across Illinois and Missouri are discovering solar as a great investment and can stabilize their energy costs. With federal and state incentives for agricultural operations, 2020 is shaping to be a great year for farmers to go solar. There are three federal incentives, as well as two incentives Illinois-specific, and one Missouri incentive appropriate […]