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Webinar: Know Your Solar Rights in Missouri – New HOA Law with Steve Jeffery of Jeffery Law Group

In this webinar, Stephen Jeffery of the Jeffery Law Group explains the new solar property rights law in Missouri. The law, effective January 1, 2023, prohibits homeowners associations (HOA) from placing restrictions on the placement of rooftop solar panels that impair its functioning, restrict its use, or adversely affect cost or efficiency.

In the Q&A section of this webinar, Steve answers:

  1. What was the basis of past HOA lawsuits regarding solar installations?
  2. Does this law cover condominium owners
  3. What are the next steps for solar homeowners when the HOA denies their installation?
  4. Does the HOA have to reimburse the homeowner for legal costs if the homeowner wins their suit against the HOA?
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