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StraightUp Supports These Local Organizations – You Might Want To As Well!

We love designing and installing solar. But, that’s only a piece of the bigger picture. We also love being part of a growing a solar industry and supporting other “believers” in the renewable / environmental community.

We’re proud to be a founding member and supporter of Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association (MOSEIA). Dane is privileged to be in his second term as MOSEIA President. MOSEIA is the “go to” resource for solar information, education, and policy promotion in the state. MOSEIA actively works with other stakeholders as well as legislators to forge a sustainable future for solar in the state. This year MOSEIA will work to maintain the solar rebate in Ameren and KCP&L territories and improve net-metering, among other goals. Learn more at

With each solar system we install we also support Renew Missouri and the Ozark Regional Land Trust. Renew Missouri is responsible for creating Proposition C, the voter passed ballot initiative that makes the solar rebate possible. In addition, in 2007, Renew Missouri advocated for and helped pass net metering – the reason Missourians can connect to the grid with solar and the meter spins backward with excess energy production. Erin Noble, our Director of Community Relations, was co-founder of Renew Missouri. The solar industry in Missouri exists, in large part, due to Renew Missouri. Learn more at

Ozark Regional Land Trust (ORLT) has been saving land for future generations since 1984. To this point, ORLT has protected more than 25,000 acres in the Ozark region! ORLT helps landowners protect land through various methods. This land includes some of our region’s greatest biodiversity as well as beautiful waterfalls and historic places. They’re empowering all of us to protect our natural resources. We could all us more people and organizations like ORLT. Learn more at