Each year StraightUp Solar collaborates with local non-profits across Missouri and Illinois that support our mission of creating a sustainable world. This year we are are proud to partner with Missouri Coalition for the Environment, an organization with over 50 years of protecting Missouri’s air, water, and environment. Their initiatives to reduce flooding by strengthening flood plains,  removing radioactive waste in our communities, promoting sustainable farming,  and advocating for policies to combat climate change are vital to the health the Midwest.

For each solar array installed by StraightUp Solar through the PowerUp program a donation will be made to MCE. This support will directly contribute to a healthier environment for our community and assist a vital organization who will for a better environment for all of us for the next 50 years and more.  PowerUp Missouri Coalition for the Environment for today and tomorrow. Fill out this form on this page to learn more: https://straightupsolar.com/powerup-mce/.


Missouri Coalition for the Environment photos of work with promotion of PowerUp program.