“Going solar couldn’t have been simpler.  We discussed all of our options and received all the information we needed to make our decision.  Straight Up Solar managed all of the permits, the site plan and the installation seamlessly.  We are now paying our electric company a monthly fee for the meter and that’s it.  I actually look forward to receiving the bill to see how many kWh I have banked!”

— Dianne F. Hudson, IL

“The values of the company are values we really like. Everybody who has been associated with this clearly lives those values. So, we’re very impressed with the company, very glad to be related to it, and looking forward to being part of the tribe.”

— Chris and Mark, Bloomington, IL

We decided to go solar because it’s a win/win. We had just moved into a new house and asked ourselves “are there any investments we need to make sooner than later?” We just so happen to have a great roof and clearance, so it made lots of sense.