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Ask anyone in StraightUp Solar what their favorite part of their job is,  and they will say the people. Our company is filled with devoted, caring, creative, funny, kind, strong, and thoughtful people. When a group of people come together to create a culture, mission,  and company that they can all believe in, something magical happens, and that is what happened at StraightUp Solar. We are proud to announce that we have been recognized by the St. Louis Post Dispatch as a Top Place to Work for 2020. 


Solar jobs in Missouri and Illinois are the one of the fastest growing sectors. Last year, StraightUp doubled our number of team members. The company expanded organically throughout the St. Louis region, central and southern Illinois,  while  maintaining our CLEARE values.


Fastest Growing Jobs in the US


– Community First   – Lead The Solar Tribe    – Educate   – Advocate  Solar Policy – Respect Each Other and the Environment   – Excellence in All We Do


These values drive our operations, and our team carries them everywhere. It informs how we show up each day to work and how we treat one another. Our values empowers our team to make decisions, strive for continuous improvement, and feel ownership. Each and every one of StraightUp Solar’s employees believe in changing the world one solar array at a time. Our current portfolio of 1,400 systems produce enough solar electricity to power 3250 homes throughout Missouri and Illinois. 


As the company has grown, the employee benefits have expanded. This year we now are able to offer parental leave for all of our employees, which allows our team to focus on their families when it matters most. Health care and retirement benefits were increased last year and gainsharing of the company’s profit occured for the first time in 2020 You can see our set of employee benefits  HERE.  


Our team loves it here at StraightUp Solar, and we are making our company better everyday. As a B Corp, our company is fundamentally committed to people and the planet. Being recognized as one of the top employers in the region is just icing on the cake. Support and join a company that is on the cutting edge of employee engagement and community!