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Valerie is our new Permit Applications & Utility Interconnection Specialist. She interfaces with cities and county permitting officials and utilities in Missouri and Illinois.  Her responsibilities also include creating and delivering the installation and customer packets. 
Educational background
She earned a B.A. in History from Western Illinois University with an academic focus area in Native American studies.  
Family and Hobbies
Since Valerie is a history buff she shared her birth state Iowa – little known fact it’s the home of the world’s largest strawberry.  She grew up in Stronghurst, Illinois (population 883). She spends her free time enjoying movies and is an avid reader and gamer. 
Valerie was asked to describe what it means to be part of the StraightUp Solar Tribe and she shared. 
For me it’s about being part of the day to day solutions that improve the environment of our world.”