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What’s the scope of your job? 
I am a Solar Educator. You can call into StraightUp Solar, and I answer all of your solar questions or find you an answer. I also collect basic information from customers and then connect them to the best Project Developer that can work with them to fit their solar needs. 
Tell us a little something about your family and hobbies?
My partner is in medical school at Washington University so while he is busy learning how to save lives I stay busy protecting people and the planet by working with environmental organizations to address climate change and other issues. By day I am a Solar Educator, but by night I am the Executive Director of Care About Climate. CAC works to unite the climate movement with the Climate Sign, and we work to bring existing people and resources together to empower youth to work on climate change locally to have a global impact. I was also recently elected to the Board of Directors for the national Sierra Club. I hope to help guide the Sierra Club to explore new partnerships, identify ways to connect more effectively with local communities, and protect the environment for future generations.  
What’s your solar training background? 

I recently participated in StraightUp Solar – sponsored NABCEP Associate’s training program, provided by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) and passed the examination this June. My background in solar otherwise is more at the policy level to support renewable energy infrastructure and incentives. 

Describe what it means to be part of the StraightUp Solar Tribe
I appreciate the motivation behind the entire company and our customers to make the world a bit better. It is like working for a nonprofit organization even though we are a for profit entity. This community cares about people and the planet over profits. When I talk to customers I do not feel like I am selling them solar I feel like I am talking to them about their situation, if solar will realistically work for them, and how solar can benefit them and their community. The underlying motivation to leave the planet a little bit better makes the conversations I have with people easy for me. 

What our team has to say about Natalie?

Natalie hails from the Grand Canyon State, Arizona and despite her love of solar ironically rain makes her smile! She is an authentic inspiring individual who dives into work and environmental related causes. She was recently elected to the national Sierra Club board and we are very proud to be part of her world.