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It’s time to separate fact from fiction by debunking ten common myths about residential solar panels.


Myth 1: Solar is too expensive.

Fact: The price of solar installation has dropped by more than 73 percent since 2006.



Myth 2: Solar is high maintenance.

Fact: Because they have no moving parts, residential solar panels do not require regular upkeep.



Myth 3: Solar won’t work in some areas.

Fact: Even in regions that experience a disproportionate number of rainy, overcast days, ambient light still creates enough solar energy to power a modern system.



Myth 4: Solar panels damage roofs.

Fact: Panels actually protect the section of roof they cover, thereby extending the life of the roof.



Myth 5: Solar leads to a larger tax bill.

Fact: Many states offer property tax exemptions on solar installations.



Myth 6: Panels are ugly.

Fact: While obviously a matter of taste, modern solar panels have a far more attractive, low-profile, and sleek appearance than they had in the past.



Myth 7: Panels hurt a home’s resale value.

Fact: The opposite is true. Studies have shown that a new solar unit can add thousands of dollars in value to the average home.



Myth 8: Solar will never pay for itself.

Fact: According to recent nationwide research, a new system returns between two to four times its cost in saved electricity bills.



Myth 9: Only a techie can operate them.

Fact: Today’s user-friendly units are as easy to use as a DVD player, microwave, or any other modern appliance.



Myth 10: Panels aren’t built to last.

Fact: Most residential solar panels are tested and carry a performance warranty for 25 years.


Armed with the right information, homeowners can make a wise decision about the fastest-growing alternative energy source on Earth.