Thanks to your generous donation, Muleke Community School has been able to light their school’s two classrooms with clean safe solar power. Everyone at the school is thrilled with the solar lights and all the benefits they are bringing to the students, the staff and the wider community.

Muleke School in Zambia is located 120 km to the west of the capital city, Lusaka. It has 213 students and six teachers. The teachers have to walk 10 km each day to get to and from school! The school has two classrooms for all the grades, 1 to 7. Some children come only in the morning and some only in the afternoon.

After the installation, the children were very happy. Mr Sufiniso, the Head Teacher of the school, said it will help them to study and the Grade 7 students to do better in their exams. It will also benefit the community as they will use it for night school, especially for women who did not have a chance to finish their education.

The new solar panel will also help the school to generate income to buy new books. They will ask community members to pay a small fee to charge their cell phones. This will save people time as they will no longer have a long walk to the nearest town to charge the batteries.

Thanks to your fantastic fundraising, the children and teachers at Muleke no longer have to use dangerous kerosene and candles at school.