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The installation of solar electricity panels on five Mehlville School District buildings is nearly complete, and the finished product will result in economic and environmental benefits for the District. The District and StraightUp Solar entered into a 20 year lease agreement in May, and during the lease period the district will save an estimated $130,000 in energy costs without any out-of-pocket expenses. The five buildings selected for the solar panel project are Beasley Elementary, Hagemann Elementary, Bernard Middle, Oakville High and the Witzel Learning Center. These buildings were chosen because they provide the best physical placement for the panels and they will give students of all ages access to learn about solar energy.

The installation for each building takes a week, as long as rain or high winds are not an issue. The Witzel Learning Center was the first building to get the panels, which cover the entire roof of the building’s gymnasium. The solar grids actually sit on the roof without having bolts or other fasteners penetrating the waterproof surface. Hagemann Elementary and Bernard Middle were next on the list for installation, followed by Oakville High and then Beasley Elementary wrapping up the installation process in mid-November. StraightUp Solar will maintain one 25-kilowatt system on the roof of each building, which will provide an estimated energy savings of $26,000 per building over the course of the 20 year lease agreement. StraightUp Solar will also set up a kiosk in each of the five buildings where students and teachers can watch the solar panels in action and learn more about how the technology turns sunlight into electricity

Posted 11/12  in Mehlville Messenger