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Crossroads College Preparatory School, a leader in sustainability in education, is home to the largest solar installation on a school in the region. 364 solar panels totaling 87 kilowatts now powers a portion of the Central West End school.

A new solar lease option, offered through StraightUp Solar and GreanGrid Solar, allows the school to lease the system. Crossroads avoids prohibitive up-front costs by paying the monthly lease payment for the system instead. The monthly payments are less than the price of the electricity the system is offsetting.

“The decision to power our school with clean energy for an even lower cost than using coal-fired power from Ameren was a no-brainer. Over the course of our 10-year lease, we’ll save at least $33,000 and will offset the burning of 1 million pounds of coal” says Susan Lanigan of Crossroad’s Board of Directors.

StraightUp Solar offers the lease to commercial and non-profit clients in Ameren Missouri service territory through GreanGrid Solar.