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As a solar homeowner, think back to the time when you were first researching the prospect of going solar.  No doubt you had many questions.  


How does it work?


Does it make financial sense?


Do I need to replace my roof? 


You likely went to search for these answers, and many others, only to find an overwhelming amount of information from many different sources.  Perhaps you were fortunate to know someone who had been through the solar process and had answers to all those questions.  Of course, not everyone does.  


As a solar homeowner, you are in a unique position to continue growing the amount of renewable energy in your community.  All you need to do is talk about it!   StraightUp Solar is proud to offer a generous referral bonus of $500 for each home or business that you connect us with that decides to install solar with our company.  While there are some limitations for referrals within Grow Solar group-buy programs, there is never a limit to the amount of referrals you can generate.


Going solar, while not a terribly complex process, is still new to most people.  Sharing your knowledge of the purchasing and installation process can reassure a potential solar homeowner that going solar makes sense. It is also the easiest way to dispel misconceptions about solar energy.


Being a solar homeowner goes beyond just being a resource for those looking to go solar. You can be a catalyst to get others interested in solar who otherwise may not even think it’s possible for their home or business. You can grow the solar tribe!  The key is to help others understand all the benefits of solar. Tell your neighbors, friends, relatives and co-workers about your lower energy bills, reduced carbon footprint,  return on investment, and all the other wonderful aspects of solar system ownership!


What are some ways you can share your solar smile and inspire solar?


  1. Share a post on social media:  Help start a conversation and pique someone’s interest.  Include a great photo or video of your array.  For StraightUp Solar customers, we offer drone photography for overhead shots of your array.  We also offer customers a customized shareable case study of their array.  Consider posting in private Facebook groups or the Nextdoor app if you are a member.  
  2. Talk about solar on the block:  Do you know neighbors that have a great roof for solar?  Mention that with their roof, they could install a system and potentially reduce their energy bills.  
  3. Know someone interested in investments?  Talk to them about the long term value of a solar investment and how it can buffer ever increasing energy costs.  
  4. Know someone who likes technology and gadgets? Show them your monitoring portal mobile app complete with charts and graphs!  
  5. Consider your broader social and professional networks: Are you a member of a church or organization that could reap the benefits of solar?  Perhaps you know a business owner or a farmer? Non Profit organizations, businesses, and agricultural operations alike are ALL wonderful candidates to take advantage of the benefits of solar. 


Sometimes it just comes down to getting the right piece of information in front of the right person.. .and importantly, from the right source.  That source can be YOU!  


Shine on!