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A coalition of conservative state legislators is trying to reverse decades of progress for solar. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) seeks to tear down state renewable energy mandates across the country.

This should be a rallying cry for solar.Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) require utilities to incorporate a fraction of clean energy, like solar, into the mix. These standards help encourage innovation in the marketplace, spur economic development, and generate thousands of green jobs. They have enormous value and they must be defended.

We need your help now. Please ask 5 friends to sign up and help us defend the hard fought progress of the solar industry.

We joined ALEC earlier this year to promote bipartisan energy policies that would help all Americans. However, they’ve adopted a stance that intends to take us backwards. The fact is, Americans overwhelmingly support the growth of the solar energy industry and ALEC is clearly out of touch with the way Americans feel.

We have not renewed our membership to ALEC and we will work with state legislators to push back on these efforts. We need the solar industry to band together and join us in its defense.

Get ready. Please tell everyone you know to join us. Go to to sign up.

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