Our April project of the month highlights Frank Sharpe of Rochester, IL. His family recently installed a 9.35 kW solar system. The system will produce approximately 12,270 kilowatt-hours during the first year of operation, which offsets 100% of their family’s annual electrical consumption.

The Sharpe family shared, “We are excited about installing solar on our home and look forward to reaping the savings on our utility bills”. The Sharpe family will save an estimated $53,000 over the 25 year life of the system.

In addition to the solar savings, the environmental impacts of the system will be that it reduces about 252 tons of carbon dioxide over the 25 year life of the system. This is the equivalent to 245,554 pounds (122.8 tons) of coal burned, 25,704 gallons of gasoline, or planting 5,872 trees.

We are excited to welcome the Sharpe family to the solar tribe and congratulate them on their newborn baby. The future looks bright!

The system specifics are listed below:

PV Modules: 275 Watt Hanwha Q-Cell
Inverter: SMA America
Total Panel Area: 611 sq-ft