Shannon Fulton, StraightUp Solar Director of Business Development, joins Dr. Laura Stachel, Co-founder of WE CARE Solar in a mission to provide relief to Nepal in the wake of the recent earthquake and aftershock events.

They will travel across the world to provide training and support to One Heart Worldwide team members who will use the Solar Suitcase, a hallmark of WE CARE Solar. The teams will use the suitcases, equipped with solar power, medical, and communication devices to provide necessary resources to health clinics in districts where medical facilities have been largely destroyed.

We wish them a very safe and productive journey.  Shannon and Dr. Stachel began their flights to Nepal Sunday and will be arriving at their destination in Kathmandu very soon.

Would you like to help support the relief efforts in Nepal? Visit to make a charitable donation to those who were affected. Your help will be greatly appreciated.