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This Thanksgiving, we at StraightUp Solar are thankful for many things. We are thankful for meaningful work, the planet that sustains us, and the solar technology that allows us to diversify our energy choices.

At StraightUp Solar, our community is made up of a wide variety of thinkers, doers, boat-shakers, and change-makers. We are so thankful to each and every client for using their power to make a positive difference through clean energy rather than polluting fossil fuels. We are thankful to work side by side with a loving and caring community of coworkers who get good work done together. Together, we are creating change we can all be proud of. 

StraightUp Solar is leading a new pathway for solar energy around the Midwest that puts people and communities first. We want good clean jobs for folks in Illinois and Missouri. We want to help people transition away from fossil fuels while caring for those that have to make that transition.

As a B Corporation, putting people and planet over profit is not only something we say, but is something we do each and every day, We pay people a livable wage, strive to reduce our environmental impact, and create a  meaningful community in the workplace. This is apparent through our CLEARE values, which we live and breath everyday. 

Community First

Lead the Solar Community 



Respect Each Other & the Environment

Excellence in All We Do

As we gather for the holiday we encourage you to reflect on what the world currently looks like, and to appreciate all the good things that are part of your life. Think about what is possible, and what the future looks like. Imagine a future where people are cared for in a community that values them, where our impact on the environment is minimal, and where people have freedom to work in a meaningful place and experience more of the world around them. This future looks bright for current and future generations.

Join us on this adventure as an advocate, customer, or employee. We want to expand our roots to create deep connections with rippling results. 

Happy Thanksgiving from Our StraightUp Solar Family to Yours.

Inspire Solar.