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In February 2018, we are partnering on a special project in Nicaragua with GRID Alternatives, a non-profit that addresses critical energy access gaps in communities using renewable energy.

Through this partnership, two members of our team will install a solar-powered drip irrigation system on the farm of the Cruz family in La Rinconada, Nicaragua.

Small farmers in Nicaragua face a multitude of challenges. Many farmers rely on diesel or gasoline-powered motors to pump water to their crops. The fuel for these machines can be very costly, polluting, and time-intensive for the farmers to obtain.

Those who cannot afford a generator irrigate their crops by hauling water in buckets by hand from a well or nearby water source, such as a river. In both cases, watering crops can be especially difficult in the dry season, which puts a limit on the farmers’ annual yield and earnings.

By using solar-powered drip irrigation systems, farmers can expect to save money, use less water more efficiently, increase crop production, and reduce local pollution to their environment. By empowering small, local farmers to bring more produce to the market, we can also improve the quality of their lives by enabling them to generate more disposable income, which may allow them to send their children to school, make improvements to their home, and get their crops to the local market even faster.

We are raising money to cover our program fee, and would appreciate any donation amount you’re able to make. Together, our financial support will make this project possible. Thank you for supporting our journey and bringing a life-changing impact to the Cruz family!