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Updated: August 19, 2021

When I started StraightUp Solar in 2006 it was founded based on two core guiding principles, to take care of the people in our community and the planet we live on. We are in an unprecedented moment. As our community faces COVID-19, StraightUp Solar will  use our CLEARE values to guide us: C-Community First, L- Lead, E- Educate, A- Advocate, R- Respect Each Other & the Environment, E – Excellence. We are following the advice of the Center for Disease Control and state and local authorities to take every step to care for our clients, our employees, and our community.  Our priority is the safety of everyone involved.

We will continue to complete solar installations for our customers. If a customer would like to reschedule their installation, we will work with your schedule to postpone the project. Most of the work is completed outside of the home, with limited interaction between our crew and the customer. When client interaction is necessary on site,  our installers will maintain the recommended distance from CDC to prevent infection. If any of our customers have any symptoms, we will request that we reschedule the installation to protect our employees. 

We are adjusting our business practices to keep our clients and employees safe:

We are in communication with our Amicus Solar partners around the country to share best practices with other solar companies as we all react to this situation. Our staff will be briefed via a virtual meeting each week on Monday morning about the state of our operations. They will also be sent guiding information in between meetings. Additionally, I meet with our leadership team daily to monitor the situation of our company in our community. 

We appreciate your support for solar energy. Solar energy for your home or business remains a good option for energy security and savings. As we all adjust to our changing reality, we look forward to serving you in sunnier times.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to

Dr. Dane Glueck, MD