Webinar: How Much Does Solar Cost?

Great news! Incentives have improved since this webinar was recorded. Discover how incentives can help you go solar for less with your Missouri or Illinois home. 

It’s true that every solar project is unique. A lot of factors about your home, your location, and your family’s energy use inform the right solar fit for you.

In this webinar recording, you’ll:

  • Meet an experienced Solar Project Developer
  • Learn factors that affect the cost of an array
  • Discover what’s included in a solar proposal – which gives you a detailed, complimentary solar solution up-front to help you decide whether solar is right for you.


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In each quote, StraightUp Solar includes a list of incentives available to you, estimated utility savings, custom solar layout, and financing options, all in one document so you can make the best decision for your home.

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