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What’s the
Financial Benefit of joining a group buy?

A group buy allows the installer to take advantage of economies of scale. We buy components in bulk, keep our crew in just one area moving from one property to the next, and save on marketing. Pricing, which reached an all-time low, is further reduced without compromising quality or service.

Illinois Solar Financing

Missouri Solar Financing


Federal Incentives

26% Federal Tax Credit

Receive 26% of the full system cost back as a credit against your total tax liability for the year your system was installed. This tax credit is 26% for systems ‘placed in service’ by December 31, 2022. In 2023, the tax credit drops to 22% and then starting in January 2024 expires entirely for residential systems. After 2024 the tax credit for commercial and utility entities will be 10%. Learn more details (including the IRS form) at

Illinois Incentives

Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)

StraightUp Solar in partnership with SunPower offers a leasing program in Illinois for homeowners. Lease options are for 20 years with an opportunity to buy the array, continue the lease or remove the panels after that time is up. There are two lease options available. The first option is that the payments for the lease would never change over the time of the lease, and energy bill payments would guarantee at least a 10% savings between the lease and payments to the energy company. The other option is to have a 2% escalator to the lease amount each year for a guaranteed savings of 20% below the amount that would be paid to the energy company without solar. It is important to note that these are minimum savings numbers, but it is possible to save a bit more. However, those additional savings are not guaranteed. Contact us if you are interested in a SunPower Lease.

Participation Based Rebates

This rebate may also reduce the cost of going solar if participation goals are met. Participation goals can be set via a Group Buy Program. Beyond a minimum threshold, the greater the participation the larger the rebate. Learn more here.

Missouri Incentives

Local/Regional Rebates

Empire District (utility) Rebate – The utility offers its residential and commercial customers a one-time rebate of $0.50/watt ($500/kilowatt) of installed solar electricity generation. Go to the Empire District Solar Rebate to learn more. Time limited: rebate will continue until state required outlay has been met.

City of Columbia Power and Light Rebate – Funding has been exhausted as of the summer of 2017, though there is a waiting list should additional funding become available during this fiscal year. The program will likely be re-funded in 2018, though it is not clear if wait-listed systems will be eligible for the new funding The utility offers all customers a one-time rebate of $.50/watt ($500/kilowatt) of installed solar electricity generation. Go to the City of Columbia P&L Solar Rebate to learn more.

Compare the Price of a Typical Home Solar System
With Group Buy Pricing

An installation completed through a group buy will typically cost 5– 15% less than the same installation purchased in the general marketplace. A group buy usually includes additional discounts to encourage participation.

Pricing is typically presented as a pre-set menu of the basic system price and additional options.

We will work closely with you to match your goals and budget.

Common project cost factors include:

  • The percentage of your current electricity usage you’d like to generate with solar
  • Available roof or ground space
  • Other site-specific characteristics, such as shading or the steepness of your roof
  • Selected components
    Projects typically require little to zero money down with financing, or range from $7,700 -$45,000 cash after incentives.

Once the group buy is launched, we can quickly provide interested individuals with sample pricing.

In addition to purchasing solar at a lower cost with the best vetted components and installer,
The Core Financial Benefits of Home Solar, Include:

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