Roof Mounted Solar in Champaign, IL

This 9.86 kilowatt (kW) residential solar array was installed for the Newell household in 2019 with the help of the Solar Urbana Champaign group buy program. StraightUp Solar paired REC panels and a SolarEdge inverter for this roof mounted solar installation. With an estimated 10,000 kilowatt-hours (kwH) in energy production annually, the array will offset all of his energy usage. The solar panel payback period is about 14 years, meaning that in year 15 Mr. Newell will be getting free energy for his home!

As for environmental benefits, over the next 25 years this system has the equivalency of eliminating 175,000 pounds of coal burned for fuel and the same carbon reduction as planting 4,200 tree saplings for 10 years.