Creasey Farms

Creasey Farms went solar in 2019 with this 67.2 kW array. This system is comprised of 192 REC250W panels and 7 SMA SunnyBoy inverters.

Estimated features:

  • 98,420 kilowatt-hours (kWh) annual energy production
  • Year 1 energy bill savings: $7,344
  • Energy bill savings over 25-year lifespan of panels: $219,915
  • Less than 4 years payback
  • Offsets 1,643 Metric Tons CO2 over 25 years (that’s equivalent to 76,674 pounds of coal burned!)
  • 25-year REC ProTrust Warranty on panels

Creasey Farms saved 90% off their total solar costs by taking advantage of the 26% federal tax credit, MACRS and bonus depreciation, and the Illinois sRECs incentive program.

As an added bonus, this agribusiness owner received a USDA Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP) cash reimbursement grant.

Word of Creasey’s solar success traveled to their neighbors at Herndon Farms. Learn how their solar system offsets energy production on their pork producing operation.



To help farms go solar, we assist with USDA REAP grant applications and coordinate financing through our commercial green banking partner. Reach out for a custom solar assessment to find out how your farm operation can reduce overhead energy expenses.