Solar Power Home Costs

As a homeowner in Missouri or Illinois, you may have questions about solar:
  • How much will solar cost for my home?
  • Are there still tax incentives for going solar?
  • Does it make sense to finance?

The good news is solar power is more affordable than ever for the average working family.

How Much Can Solar Save Me?

The difference in cost versus savings is eye-opening.

Calculate how much a solar photovoltaic (PV) system at your property could save you.
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Your Utility

May provide stable electric rates for 25+ years
May offer a low-risk, tax-free return on investment
Home improvement that can pay for itself
May improve home resale value

Incentives & Financing for Solar in Illinois & Missouri

What’s the Cost of a Home Solar System?

We will work closely with you to match your goals and budget. Common project cost factors include:

  • The percentage of your current electricity usage you’d like to generate with solar.
  • Available roof or ground space.
  • Other site-specific characteristics, such as shading or the steepness of your roof.

Projects typically require little money down with financing, or range from $8,000 -$50,000 cash after incentives.

We can quickly provide you sample pricing with just a small amount of information about your home and your electric bill.

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StraightUp Solar went the extra mile to create a solution that was just perfect for me: maximum energy production, aesthetically pleasing, web-accessible – all at an affordable price.
- J. Gee, Maryland Heights