How Much Do Solar Panels Save? - MO & IL

As a homeowner in Missouri or Illinois, you may have questions about solar power home costs and possible savings. Here we guide you through your financial options based on what’s available in your state. On this page, you can expect to discover:
  • Solar Savings
  • Federal and State Incentives
  • If Financing is Right for You
  • Solar Array Costs

The good news is solar power is more affordable than ever for the average working family.

How Much May Solar Save Me? Use Our Solar Savings Calculator

The difference in cost versus savings is eye-opening.

Calculate how much a solar photovoltaic (PV) system at your property could save you with our solar savings calculator.
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Incentives & Financing for Solar in Illinois & Missouri

What's the Cost for a Solar Panel System?

Our Project Developers customize pricing for each solar array construction based on three elements: 


  • The electrical alterations needed for the the home to integrate solar
  • Modules, inverters, batteries, and other system components you may prefer 
  • Layout of the array, and whether it is a ground mounted or roof mounted system


The good news is the cost of going solar has come down 80% in the last decade, and it is affordable for the average working family. 

Projects typically require little money down with financing, or range from $20,000 -$60,000 before incentives.

We can quickly provide you sample pricing with just a small amount of information about your home and your electric bill.

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