Lifetime Service for Agricultural & Industrial Solar Systems

StraightUp Solar offers as standard our ten-year production and workmanship warranties.

We stand behind every system that is designed and installed by our company.

We also provide a range of other services for Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural solar power systems designed to meet specialized needs and circumstances.

New Large Scale Facilities or Pole Barn Construction

The most cost-effective solar installation is one that is included in the original building design and prewired during the original electrical work.  We first work with you to determine what system design will meet your long-term goals.  We then work with you or the architect and/or general contractor to make this a reality.  

Repair or Replace your Commercial or Barn Roof

We most frequently perform a solar “Remove and Replace” for roofs damaged by hail or buildings in need of a new roof. Thankfully, hail almost never damages solar panels, but it can ‘do a number’ on the exposed roof around the solar array. We remove and replace systems we didn’t install, as well as our own.

We can work with you directly, your insurance company, or your roofing contractor. We professionally remove your solar array in the days just prior to your roofing project, and then replace the array when the new roof is ready, paying close attention to protecting the new surface.

Service or support for systems installed by other Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Companies

We offer expert diagnostics and service on any solar electric system producing error codes or otherwise in need of repair.

The measures for a high-quality installation are design and equipment selections that optimize production, strict adherence to electrical code, and excellence in module mounting and electrical wiring.  With over a decade of design and field experience, we also conduct full system evaluations to verify or achieve correct operation and/or optimal production. Depending on the original EPC, these two attributes don’t always go hand-in-hand.  

We also re-commission existing solar systems, and otherwise serve as an independent third party to evaluate new system designs or installations.

StraightUp Solar is proud to be one of the select few EPC firms in Missouri and Illinois that can provide this exceptional support to protect your investment throughout its entire service life.

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Cleaning and Annual Inspection

The rain is typically sufficient to keep solar panels clean. However, for commercial systems  installed on flat roofs or ground mounts, under certain air quality conditions (pollen and pollution) the tilt of each panel may not be steep enough for rainwater cleaning. In those cases, we offer cleaning, even if we were not the original EPC.

Virtually every utility requires an annual test of the automatic shutdown function.  Commercial or Agricultural systems are sometimes sufficiently large enough to warrant a professional coming in to carry out the test/inspection.

Group Buying as an Employee Perk - our Solar Advantage Program

A solar group buying program is a great way to genuinely say thank you to your team or crew without impacting your existing benefits budget. Your employee’s affiliation with you provides the advantage.  

We will design the program with you, for them. The  programs typically features onsite educational presentations, pre-selected equipment, and preset, discounted, and transparent pricing, all in addition to our typical residential project development and management process.  

The end result is a lower utility bill, along with the best pricing, less individual hassles, and the highest-quality installations.

Promoting Your Brand with Your Solar Array

Sustainable business practices are universally well-regarded. We believe it’s a ‘win/win’ to operate a commercial or agricultural venture in an environmentally sustainable, as well as fiscally profitable, manner.

Solar sits at the pinnacle of sustainable business practices and creates a wonderful opportunity to build your brand. To assist with this, we install public monitoring either onsite or online.

Electric Vehicle charging and Running on Rays

Adding electric vehicle charging stations support employees and draw customers. We believe charging stations powered by the sun create loyalty. We can install EV charging at the time of our installation to keep your company driving into the future.

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