Solar Panels for Agricultural Use & Efficiency

Farmers know the power of the sun.

It’s what grows grains, ripens fruit, and looks over livestock. A bright sunny day means storms are at bay.  It’s this same power farms are now leveraging into solar electricity. Solar for farms is affordable with government incentives.

Every size and type of farm is switching to solar power, from crops to livestock, community to industrial-sized.

In fact, StraightUp Solar completed one of the largest agricultural solar installation in Illinois. Today Home Nursery, a major Midwest horticultural grower, boasts a solar system of nearly 2,000 panels, enough to generate 740,000 kWh per year or 100% of their total usage.

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How Solar Panels for Farms Work



Array Location

Solar panels for farms work when the sun’s rays hit your solar panels and generate DC electricity



One or more make the DC electricity available for immediate use by converting it to the AC used by your farm’s electric system.


Powering your farm

Your solar generation goes directly to power your lights, equipment, etc. Solar does not change the way you use electricity—you could just pay less to power your milking equipment, grain dryers, lights and fans, and other equipment.


Net metering

Any unused solar electricity is sent to the grid. When solar generation cannot meet your demand, you draw what you need from the grid. From most utilities, you receive a credit for what you put on the grid and draw this down when you take from the grid.


Peace of Mind

The solar panels have no moving parts and require virtually no maintenance for their entire 25-year guaranteed production. The inverter requires replacement typically at 10-15 years, but it can be purchased with an extended warranty.

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StraightUp Solar guides you every step of the way.

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Why Solar Makes Sense for Agribusiness
Solar electricity is a ‘natural’ fit for agribusiness with so much open ground and roof space.
  • Improves cash flow by lowering the cost of operations.
  • Right now, the switch is supported by significant government incentives:
    • Federal 26% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) - turns tax liability into a capital investment.
    • Federal five-year MACRS depreciation
    • Competitive annual USDA REAP Grants (funding up to 25% of project cost).
    • Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) cash payments incentive in Illinois (if available).
  • Fosters energy independence for your farm by stabilizing the electricity rate.
  • An investment that helps keep the farm in the family for the next generation.

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StraightUp Solar is the Ideal Energy Partner for your Farm or Agribusiness.

We are a small business operating in, and staffed by, people from rural Illinois and Missouri. Several of our team members have a family background in farming. Our hard-fought experience and expertise comes from over 1700 solar energy systems installed under the same ownership in the same region for over a decade.

Active participation in the Amicus Solar Cooperative makes us better. Amicus is a network of over 40 local, quality-conscious, and clean energy-committed installers from around the U.S. Through Amicus we share lessons learned, best practices, and cooperative buying power.

StraightUp Solar serves agribusinesses across most all of Illinois and Missouri. Our unique expertise provides true value to agribusinesses interested in solar energy:

In-house crews with unparalleled pride in workmanship
Operations and Maintenance plans to ensure optimal performance
In addition to panel manufacturer's 25-year production guarantee
Ongoing re-evaluation of: our design & build practices, the latest equipment, and internal processes for improved operations
Designs based on the client’s unique goals, demands, and constraints
Solar education that empowers the farmer’s decision-making process
Online real-time Production Display to track your system’s results

StraightUp Solar guides you
every step of the way.

StraightUp Solar guides you every step of the way.

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StraightUp Solar is a fully insured, licensed, & Illinois state-certified, turnkey solar EPC firm staffed by our own in-house licensed electrician and NABCEP-certified professionals to provide the highest quality agricultural solar energy systems.

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StraightUp Solar guides you every step of the way.