Farm Solar & Agribusiness Financial Savings

Cultivate and Harvest Solar Savings

Cash flow and seasonal earnings are the constant concern for many agricultural businesses. So, the first question you may want to ask is: How can solar energy help me?

How much money will solar power add to our farm’s bottom line?

Keeping hard-earned cash on the farm is where agribusiness finds the true value.
Lower monthly utility costs allows you to increase cash flow
Stabilize one of the unpredictable costs of farming = Energy Independence
Turns your tax liability into a farm asset
Capital investment that quietly operates in the background, requiring little or no work or maintenance
Investment that supports the life of your farm for the next generation
Protection with 25-year production guarantee

Building the Financial Case for Solar

Actual project pricing varies because every farm-based solar project is unique. The first step for your SUS project developer is to line up your budget and the property’s physical and electrical characteristics with your long-term financial goals.

The most common factors impacting the cost of an agribusiness solar power project include available space, utility provider and rate class, and other site-specific characteristics such as the electrical service configuration.

Incentives and Financing for Solar-Powered Agribusiness

The StraightUp Solar service area covers most all of Illinois and  Missouri.

When all combined available incentives can yield an 3 year payback!

Better Living, Better Bottom Line
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