The midwest is a hot bed of solar activity, thanks to the efforts of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association. This organization has led 22 solar group buy efforts in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa, and now they have brought the Grow Solar program to Missouri with the launch of Grow Solar St. Louis.

Grow Solar programs bring together communities who want to increase solar energy in their region.  To stimulate homeowners and businesses to go solar, these communities request proposals from local solar installers to offer their best products and prices. Because of economies of scale, solar installers can offer reduced rates and a rebate as solar participation increases in the community.  This ends up being a great deal for the consumer.

For Grow Solar St. Louis, the cities of St. Louis, Clayton, University City, Maplewood, and Richmond Heights came together to offer a group buy program for their residents. StraightUp Solar is proud to be selected as the sole vendor for the group buy program. We join the local program sponsors, the Missouri Botanical Garden EarthWays Center and Washington University to  educate the community on the value of going solar as well as offering a below-market price for solar array installation.

The community education sessions, called Power Hours, will start on August 6 at Washington University. These events are free and open to the public. For a full listing of Power Hours and more information on the program go to