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Bloomington-Normal got a little brighter this month with the installation of a 123.75 kW solar PV system at the Foundry Square in Bloomington, Illinois. This system’s solar energy will be used to power the newly opened Green Top Grocery, Bloomington Cycle & Fitness, and The Gingerbread House located within the Square. 
The system is made up of 375 solar modules with a capacity of 330 watts each, and 9 SMA inverters. The system will produce 145,000 kWh of solar energy and will offset approximately 225,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions within the first year.
We would like to congratulate all the parties involved and welcome these new businesses to the Solar Tribe.
Commercial based solar projects are becoming more abundant in Illinois and Missouri since business owners are continuing to see solar as a smart investment. These projects spread across many sectors from manufacturing, data storage, retail outlets, warehouses, office complexes, athletic facilities, and more. 
Solar for commercial businesses can be cash flow positive investments from day one with less than a 3-year payback and 10+% Internal Rate of Return.
This is accomplished through a combination of federal and state incentives that can offset up to 75% of the system cost. 
Solar enables commercial businesses to enjoy lower operating costs, lock in energy prices for years to come, and leverage their commit to sustainability.