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Andy S

SOLAR PROJECT DEVELOPER Andy S joined the SUS Team in the Spring of 2024.He has 6 years of experience working in the Solar industry including Solar Project Development and Sales. . He holds a Bachelor of Science, Computer Science degree from the University of Iowa. Andy has received  certification with Midwest Renewable Energy Association in Solar Training and PV Sales […]


CUSTOMER INTAKE SPECIALIST Tamaja has a bachelors in Science Hospitality and Administration from Missouri State University. And brings previous experience in Administration  and HR including having previously worked for  SUS. Her hobbies include Dancing, Roller skating, travel and volunteering. CALL NOW (ext. 163) EMAIL We’d love to hear from you. Fill out the form below and we will contact you.


SOLAR PROJECT DEVELOPER JD joined SUS in the spring of 2024, he brings 18 years of retail management sales and customer service skills to the SUS Team.  He is passionate about the  outdoors. Enjoys hunting, fishing and gardening.  He also raises chickens which earned him the name “Grandpa Chicken” by his grandson.  He states he is looking forward […]

Connor H.

LARGE COMMERCIAL PROJECT ANALYST Connor earned a degree in Political Science from the University of Northern Colorado, just outside of his hometown of Boulder. He joins SUS with over 10 years of experience in and passion for the solar industry. Connor played a pivotal role in the establishment of Mission Solar whose focus is nonprofits. […]

Nathan G.

PROJECT DEVELOPER Nathan has extensive experience in the solar industry including 3 years in solar sales. He has overseen 1000s of solar projects from his sales and management positions while helping to write and pass legislation in Illinois. Nathan is fascinated with astronomy, physics, and environmental studies. He is also a committed advocate for finding […]

Tish K.

PROJECT DEVELOPER Prior to joining SUS, Tish eorked at John A Logan College. Tish collaborated with employers to create pathways providing new graduates with job opportunities. “I’m excited to become involved in the renewable energy field because I really believe we need to collectively move to more sustainable living.” CALL NOW EMAIL We’d love to […]

Michael M.

PROJECT DEVELOPER Prior to joining SUS, Michael spent 4 years in the electrical industry. Michael said he looks forward to seeing “the growth this industry has” to offer.   CALL NOW EMAIL We’d love to hear from you. Fill out the form below and we will contact you.

Maria Magdalena L.

CUSTOMER INTAKE SPECIALIST Maria Magdalena has worked for StraightUp Solar since September 2022. They had worked in solar for two years prior to joining, so they had a great wealth of knowledge to start. Maria Magdalena works with the Sales and Service teams currently as the first point of contact with customers who are interested […]

Denise S.

SOLAR SUPPORT SPECIALIST MANAGER Prior to joining SUS, Denise obtained her NABCEP certification. Denise said “SUS really stood out as the company I want to be a part of because of the focus on helping their customers understand the importance of solar while maintaining a community within the company.” CALL NOW EMAIL We’d love to […]

Shannon F.

VICE PRESIDENT OF DEVELOPMENT 9.72 kW System Owner Shannon joined StraightUp Solar in 2013 as Director of Business Development to grow the company in Illinois.  Today she directs StraightUp Solar’s Central Illinois office in Bloomington and serves as the Vice President of Development. She also lives her passion for advancing the use of renewable energy […]