ILLINOIS: How to Read Your Energy Bill with Solar

  Sometimes it’s a challenge to understand your solar production on your energy bill if you live in Illinois. Some people have noticed that what your solar portal is producing and the amount credited by your utility look different. In this video, StraightUp Solar’s Professor Ky the Solar Guy reveals the answer. Have additional questions? […]

Grow Solar Bloomington-Normal – StraightUp Solar wins the Bid!

Shannon Kathy UC3 Tribal Photo

What do you need to know about the group-buy program to get in on the deals!  StraightUp Solar was chosen for the third time as the installer for the Grow Solar Bloomington-Normal group-buy program, previously titled Solar Bloomington-Normal. What is Grow Solar Bloomington-Normal?  The Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit who hosts solar group buys, or […]

August 2015: Solar Made Sense to Energy Savvy Agribusiness

Rhodes 9.76 cattle

Larry Rhodes had a very practical reason for choosing solar energy to supplement the electrical usage at his farm in Central Illinois. “Solar proved to be a good investment from a business standpoint and I realized that it would positively impact my neighbors as well.” Larry’s solar journey began through conversations with his son abut wind energy, […]

May 2012 – Taylorville, IL Municipal Airport

This month, StraightUp Solar installed an 80 panel ground-mounted solar array at the Taylorville, IL municipal airport. Now Taylorville has joined ranks with Chattanooga, Austin, San Francisco, Denver, London and several other cities with solar arrays at their airports.