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StraightUp Solar offers an energy choice you can feel good about. We live and work in the regions we serve, so we care about the well-being of our communities. As a Certified B Corporation, we strive to uplift people and planet.

Brighter energy means paying less on your energy bills, doing your part for the planet, and having more control over your energy. From design to installation, we help Illinois homeowners uplift their energy with custom, turnkey solar solutions. We’ve been in business since 2006, and we will be here to care for your system for years to come.

Need Solar for Business?

Now is the best TIME TO
Go Solar in Illinois

Solar Savings That Last 

With utility rate increases in Illinois, going solar is a great way to lock in your energy costs and save on energy bills for the 30+ year lifespan of your array. Solar incentives can help you save up to 65% off solar costs.

Protect Your Investment

With our warranties and a full-time service team, we offer peace of mind and ongoing support.

Clean Energy Financing

Accessible financing options from the Clean Energy Credit Union—with $0 down, competitive rates, and specially tailored solar loans—make the switch to solar both financially practical and environmentally responsible.

In many cases, your monthly payments may be equal to or even lower than your current electricity bill! 

Get started on a free solar quote customized for your home. 

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Make an informed solar decision with a free, no-obligation quote that includes: your custom system design, incentives, utility bill savings, payment options, & more. 

“StraightUp Solar did a wonderful job getting our family into the 21st Century with solar power for our home in O’Fallon, Illinois. Very thorough, great communication skills, and a company with a solid track record, peace of mind in a rapidly growing industry.”


Scott G.
O’Fallon, Illinois Homeowner

How Will Solar
Uplift Your Energy?

Solar empowers you to choose where your energy comes from for your family, likely for the first time ever. Solar technology is now at the top of its game, bringing the cost of solar panels down. With the strong growth of solar incentives, it’s no wonder that solar is flourishing in Illinois!

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Brighter Energy, Savings up to 65%

In addition to immediate energy bill savings, federal and Illinois state incentives help you save up to 65% off the cost of your solar array. Investing in solar can also increase your home value, benefiting you when it's time to sell or refinance.

Brighter Energy,
More Control

Solar is like owning a mini clean energy power plant on your roof (or yard). With utility rate increases in Illinois, going solar is a great way to lower your energy bill and lock in your utility costs. A solar + battery solution can protect against outages.

Brighter Energy, Healthier Planet

With 2,800 solar installations working for our community, we're proud to have collectively prevented 105 million pounds of CO2 from entering our region's atmosphere annually. That's equivalent to carbon sequestered by 57,000 acres of US forests. Join us!

Why Choose
StraightUp Solar?

StraightUp Solar was founded and is under the same owner since 2006, a track record few other local companies can match. Our team of solar experts lives and works in the local communities we serve, bringing 2,800 solar projects to light for our neighbors. 

StraightUp Solar’s success is driven by the 100+ people we employ, who—with diverse experiences, skills, and perspectives—unite under our CLEARE Values and certified B Corp status to achieve our mission. 

Care for Community
Lead the Energy Transition
Educate Everyone
Advocate with Purpose
Respect People & Planet
Embody Excellence

Our Growing Community

StraightUp Solar is one of the only companies in Illinois with a full-time Service Team.

Caring for customers is central to our mission. That’s why we have a dedicated full-time service department—to ensure your solar solution continues delivering clean energy reliably for your home for years. 
It’s important to choose a trusted, local company who’s in it for the long haul. 


Brighten Your Energy Today

StraightUp Solar is the leader in residential solar systems in Illinois. We provide design-to-build solutions for solar panels, battery storage, smart panels, and EV charging stations. Reach out for a free, no-obligation quote to discover your custom solar layout, available incentives, estimated utility savings, and financing options, and more. Make an informed solar decision for your family.

Solar 101 for Illinois Homeowners

Solar is bright in 2024! Discover everything you need to know about going solar with your home. Watch our recent webinar to learn:

  • How does solar work?
  • What are the top 3 benefits of solar?
  • Is my home setup good for solar energy?
  • How is energy production matched to my home?
  • What does a professional installation look like?
  • And more!

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Is My Home Good for Solar?

Our handy two-minute quiz asks a series of questions to help determine whether your home is a good fit for solar. Everyone’s situation is different. We take pride in providing you with an accurate assessment. 

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