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Why Do I Need to Provide My Utility Bill?

Most companies guess how much electricity you use and how much solar you need. StraightUp Solar knows how much solar you need. By providing your monthly kilowatt-hour (kWh) electricity usage, we can make sure we don’t sell you too much or too little solar and that there are no surprises along the way. 


What Happens When Companies Don’t Gather Your Electricity History?

An Unwanted Surprise

Other solar companies may wait to get your electricity usage until later in the process and give you a quote for a solar system based solely on an estimate of your electricity usage, rather than your actual usage. This could lead to them giving you a quote for a system that’s too big or too small to meet your actual needs. The price you see on the quote could be significantly different than the price you see on the contract. At StraightUp Solar, we want to be as accurate as possible when we tell you how much we think your solar system is going to cost.

Too Much Or Not Enough Solar

If the company doesn’t ever gather your actual electricity usage, you may buy a system that is too large or too small to meet your electricity needs. If you buy a system that’s too small, you won’t see as much of a decrease in your utility bills. If you buy a system that’s too large, while you may have excess solar to send back to the grid, you may not be receiving the full retail rate for this energy.

Four ways you can share your
Electric Usage History

Copy of a Recent Electric Bill

You can send us a PDF, picture, or screenshot of a recent electric bill from your utility provider. Please ensure that the monthly usage information is included.

Photo/Screenshot of the kWh Graph On Your Bill

You can either screenshot or use your phone to take a picture of just the monthly usage section of one of your recent energy bills.

Tell Us Your Usage

Via phone or email, you can simply tell us your monthly energy use from a recent bill.

Ameren Account Number

Ameren Only: If you’d like, we can use your Ameren account number to look up your kWh usage history through Ameren’s contractor partnership website. Ameren shows us only your electric usage

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