Gary D.


Gary’s solar career started seemingly by chance. He was checking up on a friend from school one day and his friend asked him if I wanted a job installing solar in Denver. He joined as a junior installer and eventually worked his way into management. However, he missed my family, who happened to be in Missouri. He found StraightUp Solar and the company embodied the values and qualities he sought in a company, so he applied!

While at his company in Denver, he spent the first half of his career installing. He has just under 1MW of residential PV installation under his belt, all of it on roofs of various types. He spent the latter half of his time in solar on the Operations side. When his previous employer made the move to Colorado Springs from Denver, they moved him into the office. He started with an exceptional team of 2 roof crews and one electrical team with him as the Permit-Warehouse-Inspection-Office-Guy. Eventually he got people in those roles and his team doubled. When he left Colorado Springs, his company was easily the number one installer. That’s something he will always be proud to have been a part of!

He has a few hobbies such as beer-making and leather-working. He is also looking to to get back into blacksmithing, which is something he could not do out west because of the dry forests.

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