Erin N.


11.5 kW System Owner & EV Owner

Erin joined StraightUp Solar as the Director of Community Relations in 2011.

Prior to StraightUp Solar, she co-founded Renew Missouri, a non-profit advocacy group working to improve energy efficiency and renewable energy policy in Missouri, and she served as the Energy Policy Coordinator for the Missouri Coalition for the Environment.

Erin graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in public policy and also earned a Master’s of Environmental Management degree from Duke.

Her favorite part of her job at StraightUp Solar is helping more people understand that solar is a cost-effective, clean, and viable energy option.

When not advocating for solar, Erin enjoys hanging out with her 3 kids and husband, playing sand volleyball, and racing in an occasional triathlon.

Learn more about Erin’s work to increase solar energy adoption and grow the StraightUp Solar team by checking out Our Story.

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