Conner W.


Conner Waters joined the StraightUp Solar team in 2018 as a Solar Support Specialist. Within the year they moved to the position of Permit & Utility Specialist. In the last year they have moved into a Project Manager role.

Prior to joining the StraightUp Solar team, Conner earned their degree in Renewable Energy at Illinois State University. Conner has always been passionate about sustainability, the environment, and people. Working to promote renewable resources is the best way that they can imagine to bring these passions together.

While studying at Illinois State University, Conner was able to do some community outreach work with StraightUp Solar within local Central Illinois communities. 

In Conner’s spare time, the things they enjoy most are traveling, reading, volunteering, and spending time with their loved ones, including family, friends, and their cats. “Any day that I get to do at least one of these, is considered a fantastic day in my book.”

As a result of their work with StraightUp Solar during their undergraduate studies, Conner says that they knew that StraightUp Solar was a place that they would feel comfortable and confident working at.

In Conner’s own words about why they are excited to work at StraightUp Solar, “It’s easy to see that together here we can make changes that will impact the future of renewable technology integration. The need for sustainability is something that resonates deeply with me and having this opportunity to work with StraightUp Solar is an exciting way to advocate for this.”

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