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Lighting Technology Plus Rebates Equal Great Savings Today!

February, 2014


We’ve always been a company focused on protecting the environment and lowering energy costs.  Lighting upgrades, much like solar power, meet our criteria and answer the “why we exist” question in the same way.  As an electrical contractor with many years of experience, we’re proud to provide lighting upgrades, as well as solar power, to businesses in the St. Louis region.

The combination of Ameren Missouri and Illinois’ lighting rebates along with the new lighting technology is a remarkable opportunity.  Your business can achieve an ROI of 70% or more!

Leaf Light

New lighting technologies like T5, T8 and LED lights, not only save a significant amount of energy; but they also provide a more pleasing light.  This creates a better working environment for employees and a better experience for your customers.

In addition, your savings are further increased since the new lighting technologies have much longer lives than the old technology.  For example, LED lights have an expected lifespan of up to twenty-times that of older technology – significantly decreasing the need for maintenance and the associated costs to replace old light bulbs.

With rapidly increasing utility rates (approximately 40% in the last 5 years), why keep paying for your old lights that primarily produce heat instead of produce light?   New lighting technology provides a better experience and energy savings today.

Learn more about MO Ameren’s ActOnEnergy lighting incentives: