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Farmers Harvest the Sun for Lower Energy Costs


Farmers across Illinois and Missouri are discovering solar as a great investment and can stabilize their energy costs. With federal and state incentives for agricultural operations, 2020 is shaping to be a great year for farmers to go solar. There are three federal incentives, as well as two incentives Illinois-specific, and one Missouri incentive appropriate […]

April 2013- An ultra energy efficient home powered entirely by solar


StraightUp recently completed construction of a 4 kW system for Missouri’s first Passive House – or “PassivHaus” in German. In conjunction with the project consultant, Gary Steps of Butterfly Energy Works, and architect Ralph Eglin Wafer, we worked tirelessly to see this pioneering project get started. PassivHaus is a German invention from a physicist who […]

What you Need to Know about Lighting

LED vs. Compact Fluorescent (CFL)? Comparing these is confusing so let’s look at numbers. Energy. LEDs use 30% less energy than CFLs. However CFLs are still 75% more efficient than incandescent lamps so wait till your CFLs burn out before replacing them. If you have a low quality CFL, one that flickers, takes a long time to […]

Business Lighting Efficiency

Lighting Technology Plus Rebates Equal Great Savings Today! February, 2014   We’ve always been a company focused on protecting the environment and lowering energy costs.  Lighting upgrades, much like solar power, meet our criteria and answer the “why we exist” question in the same way.  As an electrical contractor with many years of experience, we’re […]

December 2011 – Home in St. Peters

For the last two years, Conner Powers has been pursuing major energy upgrades to his 1982 ranch home in St. Peters. His home is now so efficient that his 27 solar panels often produce more energy than he uses, allowing him to earn a credit on his electric bill for the excess renewable energy he […]