How To Solar Smile

A couple stands in the backyard of their home making a smile shape with their arms. A solar array can be seen on the roof in the background.

  Why are our customers posing in front of their homes with their arms up in the air? They’re doing the StraightUp Solar Solar Smile, showing off their joy of becoming a solar homeowner. The solar smile pose tells the world that you are a member of a community leading the path to clean energy […]

StraightUp Solar Earns Spot on 2022 Top Solar Contractors List

Solar Power World recognized StraightUp Solar as the 183rd largest solar contractor in the United States on their 2022 Top Solar Contractors List. We are proud once again to be top 200 in the nation and a leader in Illinois and Missouri. Last year, StraightUp Solar installed 7.0MW (Megawatts) of solar energy for homeowners, businesses, […]

4 Ways Solar Energy Protects Against Rising Electricity Bills

4 Ways Solar Energy Protects Against Rising Electricity Bills Ameren Illinois recently announced that the average residential customer will see a $626 annual increase in electricity costs on the power supply side of the bill or an average of $52 or more per month (approximately 40% increase) throughout the year. The price increase will occur […]

Missouri Homeowners Gain Solar Energy Rights

  In August, Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed a law prohibiting Homeowners Associations (HOAs) from banning solar in their neighborhoods. The act states that no deed restriction, covenant, or similar binding agreement running with the land shall limit or prohibit the installation of solar panels or solar collectors on the rooftop of any property or […]