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  1.  Decide What You Want Backed Up

    • Home battery backup systems can keep the lights on and refrigerator running when the power goes out. With more battery capacity, such systems can also keep your air conditioning running. Decide which appliances are critical to your needs in a power outage, or plan for your whole home to function like normal. As you may have guessed, you need more batteries to keep your whole home humming.
  2. Decide How You Will Charge Your Batteries

    • You can charge your batteries using utility grid power OR another power source like Solar. You have to choose one. If you charge your batteries with solar, then the batteries and your solar system can qualify for incentives like the federal tax credit. However, we recognize that sometimes solar does not work for some homes. We will install batteries for either case based on your request.
  3. Determine Your Future Energy Needs

    • This may significantly impact the above two considerations. Are you planning on adding on to your home, buying an electric car, heating a new pool? All of these items will drastically change your energy usage profile. Tell your StraightUp Solar project developer about your future energy needs so they can factor that into your battery solution.
  4. Consider Where You Will Place Your Batteries

    • Batteries need some TLC to thrive. They like neutral temperatures, and placing them indoors, like in a garage, can extend their lifetime. Installing them in a well-ventilated place is also important. Batteries can be placed outside as well, but that may limit their efficiency and life.
  5. Select Your Preferred Battery Backup Product

    • StraightUp Solar offers three battery options: Tesla Powerwall, LG Chem, and Pika. Pika is the only battery that requires solar to be installed with the battery. Each of these options have a 10-15 year product warranty and comes with StraightUp Solar’s 10-year workmanship warranty.

We are excited to offer power back-up to our customers. Fill out the free quote request below for more information.