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One hot day this summer, after a round of roughly palm-sized hailstones rained down on his neighborhood, Jim B. of St. Peters, Missouri noticed that his roof had sustained some damage. Thankfully the solar panels were fine, protected by their tough upper layer of tempered glass.

Jim received a 9,880 Watt system in 2014 at his home which provides more than 75% of his home’s energy consumption annually, reducing his electric bills by more than $250 during the hottest months. Jim works in the energy industry and had always been interested in solar. He was convinced that the timing was right when the financials made his project pencil out.

Jim’s home insurance policy allowed him to arrange for his system to be removed by StraightUp Solar so that he could receive a new roof, and the whole system was re-installed within 2 weeks by our service crew.

“With the solar array facing the street, I’m glad the crew was extra-careful to line up everything just as it was before. Our solar array looks and works just as well as it has since the day it was first installed!”