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“I wanted solar electric for my home for decades. When the price of grid-tied systems came down around 2009, I got excited. I called my electric utility Ameren, and asked about their net metering program. They said, “Ha! You must be some kind of nut!” I had to admit it, but they indicated this was a rare inquiry. They eventually revised their program, and I was good to go.

In the 5 years after I called my utility, the panels or PV modules became inexpensive. Even the good ones, efficient, textured, monocrystalline silicon behind tempered architectural glass, dark aluminum frame, and a 25-year warranty from a 50-year old company. (Silvantis 265W from MEMC/SunEdison, my employer at the time)

But I saw the interface details, utility tie inspections, and city permitting as continued roadblocks. Not insurmountable. Most general electrical contractors have know-how but not consistent or upgraded experience. It”s a sideline for many.

Then I was introduced to StraightUp Solar at a presentation I attended. That was the missing piece! PV electric is all they do. StraightUp had solid answers to all my questions. They gave me a preliminary system design and some choices. I took way too much time to consider this. I concluded payback time would be shorter than the conservative assumptions.

StraightUp Solar solved all the problems that were bugging me about installation. They made the interface and permitting and install look easy. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and expert. They are easy to work with, and happy at what they do.

My system has been operating flawlessly for 10 months. It”s beautifully simple to own and operate. It just sits there and makes electric power! And I was able to sit in a chair up on the hill and watch the crew do the install. Mainly in one day, and part of another.

Only a few years before, it looked impossible. And it turned out to be almost the easiest thing I have ever done. The difference: StraightUp Solar. If you have ever wanted to generate your own, and thought it was way too complicated, you should really just give them a call and ask. I think you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.”


Larry W.   St. Peters, Missouri