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Just like photosynthesis captures the power of the sun to grow plants, a solar photovoltaic (PV) system captures the power of the sun for our energy use. Solar power reduces your utility bill, gives you more control over your energy, and contributes to clean energy in our region.

But how does it actually work? Watch the video above to hear StraightUp Solar’s own Professor Ky the Solar Guy explain. 


How Does Solar Work?


1. Solar Array

The sun’s rays hit your solar panels and generate DC electricity. Many people opt for a roof-mounted array, but a ground-mounted solar installation can be a fit for rural settings.

2. Inverter

An inverter changes this DC electricity to AC and it’s ready for use in your home.

3. Excess Solar Electricity

Anytime you produce more than you use, the excess is shared with your utility.

4. Net Metering Credits

In exchange, your utility gives you a credit to use when the sun is down. Learn how net metering affects your energy bills in this video.

5. Monitoring

You can go online to track your solar energy production. Many StraightUp Solar customers are excited to check their production monitoring app regularly, especially on sunny days!

Learn More About Solar

Find out how solar can save money on your utility bills, gain you energy independence, and help grow clean energy in our region by visiting our Why Solar page here.

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