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Backyard Solar Appeal

The Grobe family were happy to go solar in 2020! This attractive 6.48 kW roof mounted solar array sports 18 sleek REC 360 all-black panels with Enphase IQ7 microinverters (these fit compactly behind the panels). Over 25 years this family will likely save about $32,514 and have the system paid off in 7.5 years due to the savings and incentives.

Here’s what Mr. Grobe said about the experience of going solar.

“While our system has been “up” for less than a month, so far it has been performing flawlessly and it is fun to see how they make us money. We only regret that it took us so long to realize what a smart financial investment the installation of a PV system is.

The people at StraightUp have made each and every step in this process so easy and stress free for us. We are very satisfied and without any hesitation, we can honestly highly recommend StraightUp Solar to anyone who considers going solar.”

Add Solar Appeal to Your Home and Your Energy Bill!

Each solar system is custom fit to the home and energy needs of each family. What’s the right fit for your home? 

*All scenarios are unique, your experience may differ.