Solar Service and Solar Warranties

Our solar service department and solar warranties ensure our promise of solar energy, delivered reliably to your home and business.

StraightUp Solar Service Department

StraightUp Solar’s full-time service department helps you troubleshoot issues, fulfills workmanship warranty service requests, and maintains your solar array for decades to come.  We work with a variety of inverter and panel types, so our team is well-qualified to keep your array up and running.

StraightUp Solar offers customized maintenance plans for your home or business. We can perform a maintenance inspection of the system’s components every year. If your roof needs to be replaced underneath the solar array, our Remove and Replace service team will come and remove your panels and racking from your roof. After your roofing provider installs the new roof, our team will return to reinstall the racking and the panels.

If you’re considering purchasing a home with solar already installed and would like us to check it out, let us know! Our department is happy to service arrays installed by other companies, if they are unable to service your system (please check the terms & conditions of your installer’s workmanship warranty, if any).

For large arrays over 30 kW we have Operations and Maintenance packages as well. 

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Our Warranties- Excellence in All We Do

StraightUp Solar stands by the work we perform. Our CLEARE values include Excellence in all we do. We will ensure that the arrays we install operate as we promised. Our 10-Year Workmanship Warranty and 10-Year Sunrise to Sunset Warranty do just that. 

These warranties  are for systems 30 kW and under, and are in addition to your inverter and solar panel manufacturer warranties. We choose equipment for its reliability, quality, and affordability,  with the leading warranty options. Ask your Project Developer about the specific warranties for your solar array products.

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10 Year Workmanship Warranty

Each array under 30 kW we install comes with our 10 year workmanship warranty. This warranty covers all of our work by our installation team including the electrical work, racking, and roofing. Any possible roof leaks as a result of our solar installation is covered in this warranty. To file any claims, contact our Service Department at service@straightupsolar or call a Solar Support Specialist at 844-97-SOLAR during business hours.

Sunrise to Sunset Production Guarantee

In addition to our warranty on our work, we also guarantee the solar production of your system for 10 years. Our team will estimate how much energy (in kilowatt-hours) your array will produce each year based on the azimuth, angle, and access to the sun. We will guarantee it will produce at least 85% of that amount. If you maintain the site conditions (i.e. no new obstructions and shading), you can expect to have your solar system work for decades at peak performance! 

Just remember that we base your production guarantee on your annual production, not your monthly production. If your system’s actual kWh is less our Production Guarantee at the end of any one of ten years, StraightUp Solar will either repair or upgrade your system, or reimburse you for the retail value of the missing production (based on the prevailing cost of electricity in your area). This guarantee only applies to arrays 30 kW and under.  

You can make a service request by calling our main line 844-97-SOLAR or emailing

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