Jeff H.

O&M Product Manager

Jeff has been part of the St. Louis community since the early 1980s. He attended the University of Missouri, later embarking on a journey in the tech world marked by pioneering contributions. Jeff played a crucial role on a team that brought the first commercial internet to St. Louis. He was instrumental in establishing backbone Internet connections across the United States, including foundational work for national institutions like the Library of Congress. Jeff later built advanced security, communications and AI tools that have become integral in the auto industry.  His technical acumen and deep understanding of interconnected systems assists our commercial clients in implementing operational efficiencies and cutting-edge solutions for solar energy management.

Jeff’s hobbies range from tinkering with electronics, aviation, forestry, skiing, camping, ham radio and reading.  His dedication to the environment stems from a lifelong love for the outdoors, which profoundly influences his personal and professional commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. 

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