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As a part of our continued commitment to excellence, StraightUp Solar has five NABCEP certified solar professionals on staff.  We grow our team with two goals in mind: to hire highly-qualified and passionate team members and to help them receive continual solar training.

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Dane Glueck
6.0 kW System Owner
Eric Swillinger
VP of Business Operations
(314) 218-2663 ext. 280sun 
6.0 kW System Owner
John Hulse
Director of Business Development
(314) 218-2663 ext. 281sun 
4.1 kW System Owner
Mike Hornitschek
Director of Strategic Development
(314) 218-2663 ext. 284sun 
9.5 kW System Owner
Erin Noble
Director of Staff
(314) 218-2663 ext. 282Sun 13 by 13sun
4.8 kW System Owner
Shannon Fulton
Director of IL Business Development
(314) 218-2663 ext. 276Sun
Graham Clinton
Project Coordinator and Digital Marketing Manager
(314) 218-2663 ext. 286
Joshua Hill
Master Electrician & Director of Design
(314) 218-2663 ext. 271
Alex Reid
Project Developer
(314) 218-2663 ext. 283
Chris Lewis
Solar Installer
Chris KaiserSun
Solar Electrician

Betsy Ford
Solar Project Developer
(314) 218-2663 ext. 272
Alex Reid
Project Developer
(314) 218-2663 ext. 283Sun
Rick Lucas Jr.
Director of Operations &  Roofing Specialist
sun(314) 218-2663 ext. 283
14.3 kW System Owner
James Fisher
Solar Installer
Matt Reuscher
Residential & Commercial Crew Lead
Pranav Modak
Solar Designer
(314) 218-2663 ext. 285
Charles Melton Jr.
Solar Installer
(314) 218-2663 ext. 273
Jack Miller
Solar Service Technician
(314) 287-9939Sun
Angelo Gordon
Lead Solar Electrician
(314) 287-9942
Chuck Garber
Solar Installer
Emma Gilmore
Solar Project Developer

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Dane Glueck

Graham Clinton

Josh Hill

Eric Swillinger