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Drive Your Electric Car on Sunlight and Electrons


Electric vehicles are the perfect complement and we can help you get your EV charging plug. Stop worrying about gas prices and see StraightUp about getting your car charged. If you use your standard coal power the costs are 3 cents/mile assuming a standard 10 cents/kWh electric rate. Add solar into the equation and the costs keep falling. Going all electric with solar means that you can drive for only 2 cents/mile ! because you can spread the costs over 25 years. Visit our office to see our LEAF and how it charges. Click here for the facts on EV chargers.

Featured EV Charger Offer:

  • Get a Schneider Electric home L2 charger
  • Can recharge an EV at approximately 10 – 12 miles range/hour
  • Includes interior garage wall mounting
  • Contact a SUS rep for other available residential, commercial, or public chargers
  • PLUS Schneider Electric will donate lamps to needy families around the world

Schneider L2

Dane Glueck – StraightUp Solar President

Dane“It’s remarkably liberating to produce my own energy, from my own house, that powers my car – without any hassles.  It’s also remarkably easy.  Our family has had solar panels on our roof saving energy and money since 2007.  Now, we take further advantage of that clean, self-produced energy by simply plugging the Volt into an outlet.  It literally takes seconds to plug in and receive up to 40 miles of clean, guilt-free energy.  Beyond that, our paradigm has shifted.  It seems odd, almost annoying, to need to take the time to get gas – to find a gas station, to get out, to pay, to stand there while fossil fuel is poured into the tank to be burned in a very inefficient way.  It’s so much simpler, values-consistent, and financially beneficial to simply plug into solar powered energy in my own garage.

Illinois SREC Incentive Available

SRECs can save you BIG money on your solar array!

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