Residential Solar Installation


Manley MarketingPhotovoltaic systems are one of the best investments a homeowner can make and there has never been a better time to buy. Your system will save you money and increase your property value. Solar energy also creates local jobs,  protects our energy security, and benefits the environment.  StraightUp Solar is the region’s premier solar installer and we are here to help you meet your energy goals by cutting your utility rate in half.

Benefits of Solar Power
  • Increased home value
  • Lock in Rates as Low as 5 cents per kWh for 25+ years
  • Every kWh from solar saves a pound of imported coal
  • Solar provides a tax free return on investment  – 10 year payback & a fantastic 10% Return on Investment

Residential Incentives

Residential homeowners in our region have access to some of the best financial incentives in the nation. Now is the best time to make the switch to solar:

      • 30% Federal Tax Credit
      • Illinois Solar Renewable Energy Credit Program – Additional 10-25% Savings
Interested in Solar Financing?
StraightUp Solar is committed to helping you afford solar with the following options:
  • We offer great financing options to help fit your solar project to your budget.


How You Can Get Solar at Your Home?
      1. Call StraightUp Solar to discuss your solar goals.
      2. Provide your monthly energy usage to help determine appropriate system size.
      3. Schedule a free on-site evaluation to determine system feasibility and design.
      4. StraightUp Solar will work with you to build a project that fits your budget.
      5. The team will develop a detailed design, get necessary approvals, and get your system installed.
Contact us and we’ll gladly walk you through the steps. Call 314-218-2663 or email for more information.

Go Solar with StraightUp and Have Confidence

St. Louis-based StraightUp Solar was formed in 2006, and has integrated more than 7 megawatts of solar in Missouri and Illinois. StraightUp Solar is comprised of a skilled team and has three NABCEP certified solar professionals on staff. This represents the most certifications at any installer in the region and demonstrates our commitment to excellence and quality. 

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Illinois SREC Incentive Available

SRECs can save you BIG money on your solar array!

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