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Our Mission:

StraightUp Solar empowers communities to create a sustainable future through lasting partnerships that provide Missouri & Illinois’ premier solar integrations and customer service at a competitive price.

Why StraightUp Solar:

StraightUp Solar is a solar energy integration company. Since 2006, we have been the premier regional solar company.   We are passionately committed to bringing solar energy to the masses by designing and installing affordable solar solutions for residential and commercial customers.  Our collaborative approach provides the education and partnerships necessary to make solar energy accessible.  Our industry leading 10 year workmanship warranty sets us apart from the competition and assures that you will get a system that meets your saving needs. Read what others are saying!

StraightUp Promises:

Your Goals and Satisfaction Are Our Priority

We are excited to help make solar a reality for your home or business. We listen to your goals and offer an integrative solar design and straightforward installation to match your vision.
We recognized that when clients install solar, they are making a long-term investment in us and in their system. We honor this with StraightUp Solar’s ten-year workmanship warranty in addition to manufacturer warranties on the systems we install.

Certified, Experienced Team with a Passion for Solar

StraightUp Solar has three NABCEP certified solar professionals on staff.  Dane Glueck, our President, is the first NABCEP certified solar electric installer in Missouri.  Joshua Hill, our Master Electrician & Director of Design, is also a NABCEP certified solar electric installer. Pranav Modak, a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, is our Solar Designer and Procurement Lead and is the latest at StraightUp to gain NABCEP certification.

At StraightUp Solar, we grow our team with two goals in mind: to hire highly-qualified and passionate team members and to help them receive continual solar training.

Locally owned and operated with a strong track record

StraightUp Solar is based in St. Louis and serves Missouri, Illinois, and the surrounding region. StraightUp has integrated more than 600 solar projects ranging from residential projects to large, complex commercial projects.

Licensed Electrical Contractor

We’re a licensed electrical contractor in St. Louis City and County as well as the surrounding area. Joshua Hill, Master Electrician, brings many years of experience as an electrical contractor to both residential and commercial solar power projects.

Industry-Leading Components

We offer top-tier components tailored for each project. This includes SunPower’s line of the most efficient solar modules available, as well as other US made and non-US made high quality modules with leading warranties and specifications. Our dedication to design also includes matching premium modules with top-tier inverters and mounting systems to ensure the entire solar project meets and exceeds expectations.

Solar Industry Leaders

We’re committed to helping Missouri and Illinois become leading solar states. To that end, StraightUp Solar is a founding member of the Missouri Solar Energy Industry Association (www.MOSEIA.org) and Dane Glueck recently served two consecutive terms as President of MOSEIA.  Shannon Fulton is currently in her third term as President of Illinois Solar Energy Association (www.illinoissolar.org).

Committed to Community & Sustainability

We strive to do our part for our community and the environment. StraightUp Solar has donated thousands to various nonprofit organizations, including Ozark Regional Land Trust, WeCare Solar, Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association, Illinois Solar Energy Association, and Wings of Hope.  Several of our Tribe members also serve others by donating their time and expertise in impoverished countries lighting up lives with solar for lighting and emergency communication.

Community Educators

We enjoy the opportunity to spread the word about solar power in our community and are State experts in local solar policy and incentives. We offer speaking and informational sessions to interested groups in our area. We are excited to let people know that solar works well in our region and is an affordable, clean energy solution. Give us a call if you have a group in Missouri or Illinois that would like to learn more about solar.

Our Values are CLEARE:

Several years ago, the entire StraightUp team hopped off the roof for a day to review and refine our shared values, mission, and vision. We discussed what’s always been at the core of why we exist: empowering the communities we are a part of to create a sustainable future. Each team member then offered ideas on ways we as a company and as individuals can continue to live these values every day. We focused on how to continue to uphold our commitment to training, certification, and customer service as our team expands through 2013.

  • Community First – Leave the world better than we found it
  • Lead the Solar Tribe – We lead when our members lead
  • Educate the Solar Lesson – Improve ourselves & the community
  • Advocate Always – Grow the Tribe
  • Respect Others & The Environment – Live by the Golden Rule
  • Excellence in All We Do – Exceed expectations

Sustainability Green Team:

  1. StraightUp’s Green Team volunteer employees will maintain active participation in the group by participating in quarterly meetings, managing sustainability initiatives and including their green team responsibilities.
  2. StraightUp’s Green Team will endeavor to hold bi-annual sustainability educational mission for all employees that will include a report on the progress of SUS’s in-house environmental initiatives. SUS will keep employees informed on local sustainability events in their area.
  3. StraightUp’s Green Team will strive to participate in outside community sustainability initiatives and will report their activities to the Green Team. Grean Team members will encourage other SUS employees to participate in outside activities as well. Individual will be given company-wide recognition by an officer of the company.
  4. The Green Team will keep building owners/managers informed of their sustainability initiatives

Sustainability Policy

MOSEIA Membership:

We’re proud to be a founding member and supporter of Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association (MOSEIA). MOSEIA is the “go to” resource for solar information, education, and policy promotion in the state. MOSEIA actively works with other stakeholders as well as legislators to forge a sustainable future for solar in the state.  Learn more at www.moseia.com.


ISEA Membership:

We’re proud to be a longtime supporter of the Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA).  ISEA is supported by solar industry leaders and solar adopters and is the statewide resource for renewable energy education and policy action. As a not for profit organization, ISEA promotes solar energy through education and advocacy. Learn more at illinoissolar.org.isea_logo_horizontal

Amicus Membership:

Amicus was founded in the fall of 2011 when a small group of friendly solar installation companies decided it was time to form a special organization where independent businesses could support each other by sharing best practices and pooling their buying power. Amicus is a purchasing cooperative that is jointly owned and democratically managed by our member companies. We are 29 members, with 41 office locations in 22 states. Learn more at www.amicussolar.com.


We Are A B Corp

As a B (for Benefit) Corporation, we consider people, planet, and the profit of our small business to be of equal imperative value. To become recognized as a B Corp, we opened up our books demonstrating transparency and accountability to our community at large. As a B Corp comprised of sustainability professionals from across the Midwest, we will continue to seek opportunities to add value in the communities where we live and work.

More on our work as a B Corp at www.bcorporation.net.


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